Break Up (Again!)

I finally got a guy who cares, but you know me, right? And I break up with him for no dramatic reason besides wanting to be alone and…I guess you’ll have to read to find out why

College To Be…

Guess what? I finally decided what college I’m going to! (it’s about time)

Summer In February

Summer In February is my Floridian self’s pictures and photo shoots!

Moving To Florida

Moving your senior year of high school can suck but it isn’t as bad as it sounds

Heartache Is For Losers

So it has hit me that in a couple days, I will have been heartbroken for about 5 months…Am I a loser or what?

What Not To Do: Male Specimen

Lets get something straight, don’t you dare fall in love. It’s a short life and the last thing you need is getting that damn heart broken of yours and dying even earlier than what you initially thought…

Disney World; Magic Kingdom

Okay, okay. First of all I love Disney, but I don’t think I like Disney. I say this because I don’t like the rides or the long wait times averaging to about 80 minutes per ride…

Idiot, I am one.

I have to say to the idiots of the world: It is okay. I think deep down we are all idiots just running around attempting to make it through another day, yet I find myself with a crown on my head, the queen of idiots…

To Be Or Not To Be (Alone)

I like being single. I feel like every time I say or think this I am lying to myself. I am not saying I don’t miss him or how he made me feel when he wasn’t making me feel like a piece of shit. I miss him, but I do not miss what we were….

Prom (pt. 1)

First prom of the season
“Prom sucked, but ya know what? I kept my cool all night. I watched all this shit go down and sat silently watching and sipping my tea.”