To Be Or Not To Be (Alone)

I like being single. I feel like every time I say or think this I am lying to myself. I am not saying I don’t miss him or how he made me feel when he wasn’t making me feel like a piece of shit. I miss him, but I do not miss what we were….

Prom (pt. 1)

First prom of the season
“Prom sucked, but ya know what? I kept my cool all night. I watched all this shit go down and sat silently watching and sipping my tea.”

The Victim’s Guide: how to deal with being cheated on

It sucks. Believe me, I know.
“The worst part of being cheated on is that you know not only was someone better or worth more to your significant other, but you can’t get back with them. No matter how much you want to, no matter how much the…”