Prom (pt. 1)

I just finished my first prom ever, and it sucked. I don’t mean that my date was shitty or the venue was awful, but the whole damn time I literally sat back took all the shit in and sipped my tea observing the unnecessary drama.

Quite frankly, the venue was amazing. It was at the Baltimore Aquarium, and for the first hour we got to walk around and see all the fishies (aka the best part of prom).Let’s start off with the positives, shall we?

1. My date and I took amazing pictures together (even though we went as just friends we look amazing together). I am not a picture person, yet some how, with my face caked in makeup, I made it to and through our pictures looking like a human being.

Please look at my makeup. Please appreciate my makeup. Did you? Did you do it? It looks good right?!?


2. My friends came to take pictures with me, so we took adorable pictures together, which was super-duper fun! Having the best friends honestly can make an experience that was unbearable to amusing. So thank you to my friends I can laugh about awful experiences with, I’d be dead with out you.

My face looks like someone is pinching the life out of me. Please ignore my face (because sadly I love it, it’s my true happy face).

3. Once the boys left the “After Prom”, we had fun.

And this ladies and gentlemen is the last picture we took before the drama started!

Look how happy everyone is! It looks like we are all cool with each other and are great friends, right?



Now strap in kiddies, things are about to get buck wild.


1. I had a bad feeling that the night was going to be rough. It started when my best friend called me saying her date told her he didn’t get her a corsage. So, what did I do as a best friend and as a girl who wanted to divert any sort of drama? I bought her a corsage. What did her date say to me? Nothing. I didn’t get a thanks, I didn’t get a “Good one!” or “You’re a life saver!”. This should have been the warning we needed to be aware that the night was going to go to shit.

Me being the bestest friend ever and getting a corsage last-minute when her own damn date couldn’t get one *shakes head repeatedly and sips tea*

2. Once we got on the bus I had to force my friends’ dates to sit with them…who has to do that? Are you kidding me? First of all we don’t know anyone else on the bus (but each other and our dates), and they don’t even try to sit with them or make them feel welcomed? This was completely annoying because I felt like the awkward weird girl trying to get dates to be together. Then after i did get them together they sat there awkwardly.Why do people have to act like a fucking dick wad who acts like you’ve never talked to a girl before? On top of that, why do people have to be so fucking rude, it’s not the first time they’ve ever met and it’s not like they did anything to justify your dickiness.

3. Skip forward to the actual prom, we walk in and it sucked because the music was not only awful, but the dancing part was shitty too. Yes, it was in an aquarium, but the way it all worked was that everyone danced, and all the administrators and teachers were lurking above us on the balconies and anyone who performed any sort of “inappropriate dancing” (i.e. grinding or twerking) was taken aside and warned. Then after a warning they could be kicked out if the inappropriate behavior continued. This wasn’t necessarily the most friendly grinding facility, which made my friends (including myself) not prone to wanting to grind with our dates. This should have been cool, there was a bunch of people who were not dancing. These assholes of dates did not believe this was cool. They were pouting and making shitty comments like a couple of thirteen year old horny boys (an example of a shitty comment is: “It sucks cause I paid $170 for this and I’m not even getting a hook up”). I was sick of their whining and shit, so I had us all dance with our dates until the boys got a warning. Whoops!

4. Once we got back on the bus, after prom, all of our dates completely ignored us. I wasn’t frustrated with my date because the boys were all best friends with each other and it was his prom! He should be with his friends, but the fact that these assholes were fucking bitching all night until they were satisfied by the grinding, and then leave as soon as they got what they wanted. That pissed me off in case you didn’t realize it.

5. When we were at After Prom, these dicks literally ditched us. We are at a school where we literally know no one and we are left alone…this sadly was the best part of the night because we decided to then not to give a fuck and proceeded on with our night.

Prom sucked, but ya know what? I kept my cool all night. I watched all this shit go down and sat silently watching and sipping my tea.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Just me sipping my tea (silently trying to keep my shit together)




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