Disney World; Magic Kingdom

Okay, okay. First of all I love Disney, but I don’t think I like Disney. I say this because I don’t like the rides or the long wait times averaging to about 80 minutes per ride. I don’t like how expensive everything is, and I don’t like how Disney is ready for every situation trying to sell you everything. It’s at the point where when it starts raining all the little boutiques pull out Mickey Mouse umbrellas for $20 dollars and rain ponchos (that are literally made of a garbage bag) for $10 dollars. I honestly believe that if there was to be a tornado or hurricane that they’d sell us admission tickets to shelter.

I think it may be sad to say that I love disney regardless of all these fatalities due to the fact I love the pictures and shopping there. Yes, I have admitted it. I love spending $105 to walk around talking pictures of cinderella’s castle and I love spending $105 to spend more money on something as dumb as little monster’s university hat.

Disney is funny like that, it’s a trip down memory lane, a way to remember our past by trying to capture it in buying little trinkets and stealing as many pictures as posisble.


In case you didn’t notice I’ve committed to Monster University!

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