Moving To Florida

Moving on has been on of the biggest themes I write about. There’s no easy way to say it fucking sucks to move your senior year of high school. Those friends and connections you have been forming basically your whole preteen to teenage years were all for your senior year last hoorah. I didn’t get that. I moved 811 miles away from my home, and I can’t complain to much, but at first it was the worst thing ever.IMG_0099.JPG

I didn’t want to move at all, and maybe I did throw a couple fits and act like a brat for a while right after we moved. However, what I learned is that you keep the connections that are important to you. Also moving to the “south” can be pretty interesting, so let’s go into my school dynamic.IMG_0530.JPG

My new school is very different from my last school back in Maryland, here in Florida cliques are a huge thing, which is pretty normal for high school, but even though everyone gets along and is friendly enough it is clear to everyone that the white people hang with the white people and the black people hang with the black people. It’s actually funny to see the dynamic of it all, I mean the football cheerleaders are all the white girls and the basketball cheerleaders are all the black girls. Like what? As a mixed girl it was pretty difficult to find my groove at first, I met my (pretty much still) only friend, and because she was new too, she was pretty desperate to find a group or at least a friend. I would say that now I’ve found my groove. I don’t necessarily fit into any one category, but I do have friends around the board. There is always drama, but I like to keep my head down.img_0236

I’ve decided that Florida is amazing, but the people and school is not. I mean it isn’t that I necessarily have problems with anyone, but if you didn’t go to pre-K with the whole entire Smith family, and your parents didn’t grow up together…well…you don’t necessarily get to hang with those folks. However, I go to the beach or the pool basically every to every other weekend so who am I to complain? I don’t need a bunch of fake friends when I have a couple close ones. I mean my god, I even have found myself a boyfriend (and a good one at that, but that’s a topic for another post).

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetFlorida is beautiful, and who knows? Maybe next year I’ll even go to University of Florida if I choose to. However, right now, I am going to enjoy my last couple months left of high school (103 days left till graduation). I’m ready.img_0295


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