A Try At A New Trend: Lollicups (Boba Tea)

So everywhere I look on my social media pages there are these trendy girls drinking at “Lollicup”, which for those of you who don’t know, is a place that sells Boba Tea. Boba is basically those jelly little balls that  sit at the bottom of your drink and look really fancy and shit. Anyway, my trip there was mostly for the experience, for seeing what the hype was about because girls were posting this drink left and right looking hipster and trendy and fun. Little to say, I wanted in.



I know many opinions contrast with my own on “Lollicup”, but to me, it was awful. For starters, my whole cup exploded on me ruining my shorts. How do you even break these cups they are sealed on the top an all you have to do is poke a straw in it and you’re good. I poked my straw in and the whole cup cracked and spilled all over me. After asking the workers for napkins over and over and over, they finally decided to look over the counter to see the mess of tea all over me and the floor. Finally (about 5 mins after the explosion), the people decided to come and help me. All I wanted was cute pictures with my fancy drink! The lady next to me even said, “Wow, I’ve never seen that happen before.” So of course it would happen to me, right?


After the volcanic eruption from my drink occurred, they were nice enough to give me a new free drink. I get this drink and I sip it expecting the world and beyond within this $4 extravagant cup…and it kinda sucked. I mean it wasn’t disgusting, I probably could’ve forced myself to drink all of it. However, I was so traumatized I wasn’t in the mind set to make myself drink something I didn’t like. Maybe I got the wrong flavor (I got the “Customer Favorite”), maybe girls really are there just to buy it and take pictures. I just know I will never be wasting my $4 dollars there ever again, and that you all will catch your girl spending her $4 on extravagantly expensive drinks at Starbucks instead.



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