College To Be…

So, yes, yes, yes, I have finally decided on a college. I’m going to Emerson College next year, which is a liberal arts college in Boston. So, yes, I am finally going to be living my dream in a city. It took me a while to decide because my last two final options of what to choose came down to two completely different schools. Emerson being a tiny population, but placed in a beautiful giant city and the other school being large in population in a small town. I had to really think about who I am and what I want to do. I don’t want big football games or parties or sororities. I think that shocked my parents because that is what the typical teenage girl (almost college girl) wants. I’d rather spend my time “partying” at a poetry reading or a play. That doesn’t mean I can’t have fun though, it’s a city, what can’t you do? The possibilities are endless, which is why I choose Emerson. Also, what better than a liberal arts school help me taking writing seriously?

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I can not wait to leave, and I don’t think I will miss one thing. I don’t know about you, but all I do is live in the future and wish and dream and wonder. I will finally be living my dream. I’ll be learning what I want to learn and being who I want to be with out the pressure of having this skewed vision of who I should be.


I personally have very strict parents, and maybe it sounds awful, which I actually know it does sound awful, but I am so excited to leave. Of course I love them, but I can not wait to leave. No more molding me into the perfect image of a daughter they have bestowed upon me. I will finally be living out who I am.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWho am I? That’s a good question actually…Next year or even the rest of my life I’ll be trying to figure it out, but at least I won’t have someone trying to pinhole me into a certain path. Who are you?

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When I move to Boston you can expect many posts of rating of the places I eat because I have screenshot so many places via instagram, twitter, and pinterest that I will be visiting. So, for those of you who live in Boston get ready. Also this summer I am traveling to Japan, so I will make a large post about that as well with more photos and videos than you can imagine (I am stealing my father’s go pro, oh yah!)


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